Suggested Donation Levels:
Legacy $1000 or $100 Month
Smile Maker $480 or $40 Month

By pressing 'Process' your first donation to Smile FM will be processed on the date selected. A recurring donation (IE monthly, annual etc.) will process automatically on or about the same interval thereafter. If you need to change your recurring donation, or need a custom recurring schedule please call us at 1-888-887-7139 x1.

If you are updating your account because your Debit or Credit card is no longer valid, please consider making a donation via EFT from your checking account to avoid the frequent card replacement issue and it will also save us 2.5%! To set up an EFT click on donate button above and select EFT in payment options. For ALL UPDATES be sure to put in the comments field that this is "replacement donation with new payment information". Thank you!

FunDrive Contest Overview: Making donation will make you eligible to enter in all the contests during the FunDrive. A donation is not required to enter and does not increase your odds of winning. All taxes are responsibility of winner. The Drawing is open to all US entrants 21 years old and older, within 150 miles of a Smile FM station. Employees of Smile FM and their families are not eligible. The winner is required to complete an IRS W-9 if over $599 and sign a liability waiver. Prize is not transferable. Limit one entry per person. Winner will be selected by random drawing of all eligible entries. The $500 gift card to Gem and Diamond Specialists of Imlay City is only for mechandise (drawing 6PM March 2). The Celebrate Your Marriage Conference (May 22-23) is only open to Married M/F couples (drawing 6PM March 3). The family camp at Maranatha Bible and Missionary Conference (August 6-13) is for members of one family and must agree to camp rules (drawing 6PM March 4). All rules and guidelines are subject to change at any time. See general rules Here. To enter, if not making a pledge, click Here (before 3/2/2022).